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The eyes are very special organs. Working with the brain, they are how we obtain information and learn about the world around us. This is why it is so unfortunate when a patient looses an eye to any disease process. The eyes are precious and should be treated so, especially when submitted as a pathology specimen for diagnosis.

Ophthalmic histology techniques differ from those of normal tissue in fixation, processing and sectioning. Most anatomical pathology laboratories are not setup to provide these special techniques. Nor is the personnel trained to identify disease processes unique to eye diseases or demonstrate them on a microscopic slide along with the pupil and optic nerve.

Excalibur Pathology specializes in ophthalmic pathology and histological techniques. We provide services to researchers and veterinarians.

Send your fixed tissue samples with its information and receive your finished slides and pathology report back. Excalibur’s fixative was developed to prevent retinal detachment in paraffin sections and can be obtained by contacting the lab.

Laboratory services are available 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central time, Monday through Saturday. Turn around time depends on time of receipt, order size, types of staining procedures requested, etc.

Digital photomicrographs are available for faster review of finished slides at an additional charge.

Please contact the lab for details on each project.

Complete Processing,
Embedding, Sectioning &
Staining of Your Tissue

43 Years Experience.

Specializing in Whole Eye
Ophthalmic Slide Preparation.

Excalibur’s Clients Include: